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At Italian Gasket we have the awareness that respect for the environment, health and safety means respect for mankind. Therefore, we have adopted an integrated system certified according to ISO14001 and OHSAS18001. We are amongst the first Italian Companies to have implemented a system in accordance with the international ISO5001 regulation for energy management. We have set objectives and plans for reducing pollution, thanks to purification plants and, every day, we are committed to involving and training our employees in order to create a safe and healthy workplace.

People come first! This is the reason why Company safety management is the core of our Company’s strategy. Periodically and impartially, a team of industry experts test the adequacy of the integrated management system and develop improvement plans. This means that our Staff has a guaranteed level of protection in compliance with national and community regulations and laws, with particular attention to constant risk reduction and accident prevention.

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April 2020

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A small but meaningful gift for the whole Team.

Italian Gasket water bottle. A gift that represents our commitment toward the environment.

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