Ethical code

Legislative Decree 8 June 2001 n. 231 introduced into the Italian Legal order a system of administrative responsibility of the Entities for certain violations and crimes committed by administrators, directors or employees on the interest or benefit of the Entity itself.

Related to this, Italian Gasket Board of Directors approved the Organisation, Management and Control system and model ex D.Lgs. n. 231 of 2001 and  established the relative Supervisory Board.

After the first adoption, Decree 231 have been updated and  improved in the light of the jurisprudential  and doctrinal evolution apart from the legislation evolution of the D. Lgs. 231/01 and apart from the business process reengineering of Italian Gasket.

Italian Gasket has adopted its own Organizational model, on the purpose to build a structured system of guiding principles, operational procedures and others specific devices, inspired by  sound principles of business management and directed, a propos, to prevent the commission of the certain crimes expected by the Decree.


The established Supervisory Board monitors the effectiveness and  adequacy of Decree 231, reports on its accomplishment , approves the annual program of supervisoning activities and transmits the results  of the treated activities onto the performing of its tasks.

In order to ensure the maximum effectiveness of action, Information flows towards the Supervisory Board are foreseen and the same is foreseen towards the upper management.

Into the Decree 231 of Italian Gasket a disciplinary system for applying sanctions to any eventual violation on Decree 231 has been introduced.