Quality control

The raw material is key in ensuring the final product’s quality. In order to assure the highest quality of its products, IG only sources its material from certified compound suppliers. Each supply comes with the suppliers’ certification ensuring the material’s compliance with the technical specifications.

An in-house test center, equipped with the most advanced control systems, guarantees each supply’s quality by performing tests on 100% of the supplies.

Main tests and tools available in our test center:

Process control is the most efficient and effective quality control system, for this reason, quality controllers working on production lines, constantly monitor the production output, using statistical and control tools capable of detecting any malfunctions and/or changes in the production process in a timely manner.

Detailed procedures and guidelines provide the best tool for operators and foremen to minimize mistakes.

Quality testing on 100% of finished products and additional sample tests by the quality department prior to shipping, are an integrated part of our production process and provide an additional proof of Italian Gasket’s Management customer oriented approach.